LMS and Content Reuse (format word si ppt)

Production of Lessons
Content production and LMS deployment
WBT (including tests)
CBT (special cases)
Learning movies (web movies)
Presentations (ppt, etc)
Documents (pdf, doc, etc)

E learning platform MoD https://www.lmsvbs.admin.ch  since 1.3.06
Project: Air Operation English (AOE) and TV
Finish the program started in 2003
Learn and train the terminology for air operations, addressing both flight and ground crews.
Over 5000 terms
Interoperable and modular

End of 2008, BETA Version
To 2 Q 09 Tests
3. Q Implementation in LMS

Who is interested in this program?
Other Content
Coordinated first aid course is being translated in English: Relief in case of major desasters, decontamination rules
Law of war course done together with the ICRC; usable for soldiers and tactical officers, in 16 languages
Basic NBC courses
Basic Medical courses
Integral security

 If you want any of these courses, or if you want to see the other courses on our LMS, don‘t hesitate to write an e-mail to Christian.Hornung@vtg.admin.ch

070905_25_LMS MoD Switzerland and reuse Content

click pe scrisul rosu mic pentru a downloada fisierul in format pdf/ doc/ ppt iar apoi dupa ce se deschide pagina noua, repetati operatiunea.


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